Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i miss you now. i miss you all the time.

it feels so weird to be missing you. or no, not "weird." maybe "wrong" is the right word. yes, "wrong" - for a million reasons. you are there and i am here. apart like always, but now miles separate us in addition to a multitude of similarly intangible distances.

i have dreams where you make a guest appearance and then i am upset with my subconscious for teasing me with surreality and manifestations of wants i wasn't even aware of (like meeting your sisters, apparently). i wake up mixed up.

you talk little and i savor each word on my tongue, drips of water in the sahara. but is it only a oasis? yes. silly, silly me.

it is my imagination getting the better of me. it is my mind playing tricks on me. it is my sense leaving me. (and i am waving goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.)

it is anything but wrong because it is not even real.

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